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339% ROI Within First 12 Months. That's What You Can Potentially Achieve With Our Web Design Strategy.

"After the website was launched, we received positive comments from our intermediaries and customers. Business units have received an estimated 10% increment in enquiries, quotations and deals within the first 3 months after the new website went live."

Roxanne Tok
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» Find out how China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) achieved 339% ROI with their new website within the first 12 months


Good Design Does More Than Please The Eye - It Brings Results And Instills Customer's Confidence In Your Business

Our philosophy is to deliver websites that incorporate innovative and persuasive design with clear, easy navigation and real world functionality.

Web Design Team Working On Projects

By obtaining a comprehensive insight into our clients' businesses we fully understand their online objectives, allowing us to produce websites that exceed expectations and create new, or enhance existing channels to target markets.

Our dedicated team of web designers have extensive experience in creating professional websites tailored to the specific needs of your company. We keep up to date with the latest design best practices, making great design accessible on multiple devices particularly through Responsive Web Design.

Do You Have A Strategic Website?

We have all seen tons of websites that are beautifully designed, have slick functionalities and portray a strong sense of professionalism. You see, that's great but that's not going to be enough.

Time and again, we hear website owners complain and get really frustrated about spending tens of thousands of dollars on web design that don't turn website traffic into leads, sales or the engagement they desire.

They then went on with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click Ads (PPC), Social Media and whatever is the hottest on the internet, without first solving the problems on their website design.

They think that by bringing massive traffic to their website, it will magically translate into leads or sales for their business. Sadly, that is not the case.

Don't make the same mistakes they did.

Now You Can Finally Unlock the Converting Power of Your Website by Applying our Web Design Methodology

What's Our Methodology?

Effectiveness through Responsive and Persuasive Web Design Strategy

Many businesses are missing out on a crucial opportunity to get their visitors to actually engage with their website. Think about it. If you can get your visitors to actually do something while on your site and engage them, there’s a greater chance that you are going to push them through the funnel.

Website traffic alone will not produce significant results if your website is not capable of converting.

Gathering our experience from developing websites over 10 years working with more than 500 organizations, we use this proven process to help you radically achieve maximum returns from your website through optimized conversion.

It's good web design meeting functionality, with measurable results.

How Will You Benefit?

Be rewarded with great Return On Investment when your website:

  • Reaches out to more customers regardless of the different browsing devices they use.
  • Ensures that all website visitors enjoy the same user experience.
  • Persuades website visitors to take the desired actions you want them to, such as:
    • calling your company's hotline
    • making sales enquiries
    • patronizing your physical stores
    • making e-commerce transactions
    • registering/paying for events
    • subscribing to your product and mailing list
    • downloading your virtual product

Regardless the objectives you want to achieve with your website, all of the above will almost always give you more sales, more leads and more customer engagement through optimized conversion!

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Secrets To An Effective Website: Find Out What It Meant To Have Your Website Responsive and Persuasive

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

  • Starting from 21 April 2015, Google's mobile ranking factors will not only label your website as "mobile-friendly", but will also use that to determine if your website should rank higher in the search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. (Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, 26 Feb 2015)

  • "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" – if your website is not designed to be readily accessible via all the different web browsing devices then you are not fully maximizing its potential outreach to your target audience.

  • Your website visitors shouldn't have to pinch-to-zoom to read the copy on your web pages. They shouldn’t have to scroll frantically to find your Call-To-Action (CTA) elements (buttons, links etc).

  • They shouldn't have to tire their fingers completing your super long form. If you want to create pleasant user experiences for all your visitors, then you need to optimize your website for mobile (recommended to use responsive web design).

  • Visit your current website now on a mobile device, is it mobile-friendly yet?
    How many customers are you losing to your competitors when they left your website because they had a hard time using it?

Persuasive Web Design

Persuasive Web Design

You shouldn't be bogged down by the nitty gritty details on web design strategy that should be used to persuade your website users to perform actions that you want them to (the conversions), which can be actions like signing up your mailing list, making a purchase on the website or making an enquiry to your business immediately. Let the experts like us do the magic for your website.

We apply psychology of persuasion theory on web design to:

  • make your users understand that what you offer will fulfill their needs or solve their problems
  • let your website join the conversation in their mind
  • highlight enough social proof on your website
  • remove any doubts your site user might have on your website
  • enable a friction-less checkout or call-to-action on your website

Of course, we can do more than just the above tactics, it's about making human connections through good web design, invoking emotions through persuasive and delightful user experience.

How Have Our Clients Benefited?

1,400% ROI with E-commerce!

goodwoodparkhotel logoGoodwood Park Hotel has taken a step further to make their festive products available for sale through e-commerce website, after selling them through traditional offline channels for many years.

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