Singapore SMEs can receive up to 80% funding + up to $10,000 bonus payout for your e-commerce solution

Ecommerce Website Design is Also Key To Facilitating Customers To Buy Online

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As a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) pre-approved solutions vendor, we offer SMEs e-commerce packages with funding support up to 80%* of the qualifying cost.

On top of that, your company may also receive up to $10,000** of Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) payouts for adopting digital solutions including ours.

To learn how you can leverage on our e-commerce solutions to grow your business while tapping on Singapore government’s funding support, talk to any of our growth consultants today!

E-Commerce in Singapore and Around The World Is Turbo-charged Even As Retail Contracts

The amount of trade conducted electronically in Singapore and globally has grown tremendously with the wide-spread of Internet usage, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic when people are encourage to stay indoors.

Years of change have happened in weeks: Offline spending shifted online. Products rarely bought online are now e-commerce staples. Immediacy, convenience, and speed are top consumer demands nowadays.

Newfound online habits have propelled e-commerce GMV to US $62B*

(*Source: e-Conomy SEA 2020 report by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company)

In Singapore, e-commerce removes any location or time barrier from your customers who want to buy your products anywhere anytime.

But not all e-commerce newcomers had the infrastructure and strategy in place to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Depending on your store size and the level of control that you need, we are able to provide the most suitable and cost-effective e-commerce solution for your business.

Saving you the hassle of handling security verification and credit card fraud, we integrate our e-commerce solutions with PayPal, Stripe and other major payment gateways to handle all your online credit card transactions.

Our 4 Pillars Of E-Commerce Success
  • Audit and conceptualize an e-commerce strategy with the objective to generate, grow and sustain online sales.
  • Identify key digital assets and performance tracking methods.
  • Omni-channel strategy (if applicable).
  • Ecommerce website design and development on an platform that focuses on optimal user experience to achieve higher conversion.
  • Setup relevant marketplace for further sales outreach.
  • Instant messaging and Chatbots for real-time customer service.
  • Integrate e-commerce platform with automation technologies for effective online customer engagement strategy.
  • Develop and build automated workflows for marketing and sales.
  • Personalize customer experience.
  • Identify marketing needs to drive awareness and demand.
  • Retargeting ad strategy.
  • Content marketing strategy to increase brand/product visibility.
  • Micro-influencer marketing.

Key Information About PSG and DRB

*Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG):

As announced at Supplementary Budget 2020, PSG will be enhanced to encourage enterprises to continue their digitalisation and productivity upgrading efforts. The maximum funding support level will be raised to 80% from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2021.


  • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding; with Company’s Group annual sales turnover less than S$100 million, OR less than 200 employees (for selected solutions only)
**Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB)

Retail enterprises that are incorporated on or before 26 May 2020, and have adopted pre-defined categories of digital solutions by 30 June 2021, can receive bonus payouts of up to $10,000.


  • Company UEN must fall under the Retail sector as at 26 May 2020
  • Adopt PayNow Corporate and InvoiceNow; and
  • Adopt the digital solutions in the required categories.
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Marketing Automation

By automating functions like lead generation, lead and customer engagement, and deal closing, you can scale your business even more.

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Content Management System

The idea of having a capable content management system is to allow you to update your own website effortlessly.

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Ecommerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase without any location or time barrier through online retailers and marketplaces.

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Cloud Hosting Solution

Take advantage of industry-leading cloud compute, storage and networking capabilities for your business.

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Food Ordering System

Our online ordering system will help you transform your website into a money-making machine.

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Email Marketing System

Leveraging an email marketing system, you can customize your campaigns and create targeted email content.

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