Inbound Marketing in Singapore Is Already Transforming The Way You Do Business

What Is Inbound Marketing?

It's NOT about pushing your prospects with sales pitch.

It's NOT about interrupting your prospects in their daily motions with advertisments

Instead, it's about empowering potential customers with what they are searching for and solving their problems with relevant contents. Majority of the businesses are still using interruptive traditional marketing (radio, tv, flyers, cold calling etc), which are ineffective as consumers behaviour changes.

It's still possible to get a message out using these channels, but it costs a lot more. So, marketers have to find other ways to fine tune their advertising channels to reach their target market.


Inbound Marketing is a Way to Provide Value to Your Prospects and Customers at Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

What Are Your Prospects & Customers Looking For?

You start at a very high level, providing broad information on your industry. Prospects find you without having to search for your specific company name. They begin to think of you as a leader in your space, and come back to your site.

You provide information more and more specific to solutions and then ultimately, your brand, so they can consume at their own pace and see the value in doing business with you.


iFoundUTM Methodology : Perfect Engine For Traffic, Leads and Customer Acquisition

iFoundU Methodology on Inbound Marketing Singapore

Imagine the bullseye of a target board is made of ultra-strong magnetic material, all arrows shot towards the target board will immediately be pulled into the bullseye! That's how you can visualize inbound marketing for your business.


Now, let's go through the process of the inbound marketing methodology...


Just like pollen attracts bees, a rotten apple attracts flies...

Attracting the right traffic to your website is the same, you do not want to attract any kind of visitors, you want the right type that will potentially become leads and finally as customers.

This is where you define your Buyer Personas, on their goals, pain points, shopping habits.

Attract your buyer personas with the following traffic generation tactics:


Once there are visitors to your website, your next objective is to turn them into your leads by gathering their contact information. The main purpose of having visitors' contact information is to provide them with valuable information that you want to share. You can send them emails with educative infographics, updates and news that will interest your leads. 

Convert your online traffic to leads with the following conversion tools:

  • Website
  • Landing Page
  • Online Form
  • Calls-to-action (CTA)


You are almost there to convert your leads into your customers! This means your visitors are about to entrust their problems for you to solve. This is the most crucial part, since you have gained your customers' trust, you wouldn't want to disappoint them; it's time to enlighten them with your expertise!

Close your leads to become your paying customers with the following tools:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Closed-loop Reporting
  • Email
  • Marketing Automation


Companies tend to neglect delighting their customers. Don't forget about delighting your customers after they have done business with you. Continue to shower them with remarkable content to engage with them. Your aim is to turn your existing customers into your promoters so they will recommend your services/products to their network.

Delight your customers with the following tools:

  • Surveys
  • Dynamic/Smart Calls-to-Action
  • Social Monitoring

How Inbound Marketing Can Accelerate Your Business

In comparisons to traditional marketing, 40% of business owners reported saving money with digital marketing. Successful digital marketing can potentially improve ROI by at least 300%.

Wouldn't you feel appreciated and rewarded by good customer services who have served your needs well?

This is exactly similar to what Inbound Marketing is achieving for your customers – A tailored and targeted website experience so your customers will feel connected with your product.

Inbound marketing is reliable as marketers can analyse the results of their digital effort; giving them greater ease to change marketing tactics to reach and connect with customers more precisely.

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