Web Development

We develop web applications that enables our clients to achieve their online objectives and get the best Return On Investment.

Our web development solutions ensure timely and cost-effective results. We leverage the strength of latest web technologies to provide our clients with solutions that seamlessly integrate into their business process, extending it to the Internet and beyond.

Our Web Development solutions include:

1. Content Management System (CMS)
Having a content management system for your website allows you to create or update content on your website easily, without the need for a webmaster. No complex coding or FTP involved!

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2. E-commerce, Shopping Cart System
Expand your existing sales channel or start a new online business with E-Commerce. Nothing beats having a store that opens for business 24/7!

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3. Social Networking Portals
With the rising popularity and usage of social networking site like Facebook, the way people connect and communicated has changed. We have seen the effectiveness of using social network to reach out to your audience. Organizations can also tap on the power of already familiar functions of social networks for their own internal network to share ideas, documents and improve work process flow.


4. Microsites
Microsites are mostly developed for building awareness and publicity on new products or services. They can effectively harvest potential customers' details with participation from contests, games or simply by spreading the word to their friends. With our customized integration to mobile and social networks, the power of microsites have increased tremendously.

Clients may also want a microsite for online event registration and ticketing. Set your ticket type and prices and accept online payment effortlessly. You focus on managing your event, we'll help you with the online ticketing infrastructure.