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Whether you are a small business owner or an established organization looking to expand your reach, we are equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to help you stand out in the digital landscape.
Case Study : Scribers International

Generated more than 20 online leads per month with Google Ads

Scribers is a leading provider for localisation and translation services. Operating in a highly competitive industry with little product differentiation, they needed a solution to stand out from the competition and to generate qualified enquiries for their services.

Problems they faced before engaging iFoundries:
They tried Google ads on their own but due to the lack of time and expertise, their ad spend did not produce good returns.

They soon realized online advertising is not something they can setup once and forget. It’s the on-going optimisation that is going to constantly improve their returns on ad spend, and they don’t have time for that.

Looking for digital marketing strategies that cater to SME in Singapore?

Singaporean SMEs must invest in digital marketing to stay competitive in the digital age

Connecting with customers on social media, search engines, and other online platforms are crucial for establishing an online presence and building brand awareness.

SMEs can compete with their larger counterparts by having a well-executed digital marketing campaign that offers real-time tracking and performance optimization. Therefore, it is essential for businesses in Singapore to start their digital marketing efforts to ensure long-term success.

Singapore SMEs like yours can receive up to 50%* grant support for your digital marketing solution with us

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG grant) aims to support Singapore SMEs in the procurement of IT solutions and other applications to enhance productivity and accelerate digital transformation.

iFoundries’ digital marketing packages have been pre-approved for grant support of up to 50% of the qualifying cost.

Get started today with a free consultation worth $500!

To learn how you can leverage our digital marketing solutions to grow your business while tapping on the Singapore government’s grant support, talk to any of our solutions consultants today.

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“We realised having an online presence is necessary, when our business opened after CB, business was still down by 50%. Being online now has increased sales revenue by 20% despite COVID-19.

Fion Glitters House

"Excellent job done by iFoundries team. Communication is good, and getting prompt response whenever I need help. Transparent work flow, leading to my website professionally done."

U-Jin Ng Red Dot Fitness Singapore

Going digital has increased brand awareness for my business. Today, we sell over 200 products with e-commerce, ranging from food products to beverages, which includes all house-brand products.”

Angie Guan Chun Ding

“We are able to tailor customer experiences with increased direct interactions with end consumers, resulting in a growing source of revenue for our business.”

Daniel Zoe Nissi
Our PSG Digital Marketing Packages Include

Google Ads Strategy

With Google Ads, you can spend less time looking for prospects. Our campaigns will find your ideal customers locally and overseas – so they’re sure to see your ad! And if people don’t use search, we’ve got it covered. You’ll be able to find customers who are interested in the products you offer on Facebook Marketplace and other sites.

We have the best team of technical experts in the PPC field to manage your campaigns. We’ve got an immense knowledge combined with years of experience, which will be put to effective use in every campaign. Engage potential buyers on the pages of your website and capture more leads. Contact us today for the best ROAS from a Google Partner agency in Singapore!

Social Media Advertising

Given the emergence of social media as a widely used marketing tool, it’s important to make sure that you’re using it to its full potential when reaching out to new customers.

Advertising on social media will ensure that you are able to reach a targeted audience. If it’s your goal to expand the customer base or simply maintain current customers, investing in advertising on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram will help.

Search Engine Optimisation

We will help you improve your organic traffic by optimising your site for Google and increasing search rankings with powerful SEO strategies.

Great brands have and deserve a competitive edge when it comes to search. Unfortunately, SEO is not something that’s available to everyone. Our methodologies are the result of extensive experience in the industry.

Today’s search engine optimisation is a complex process that includes everything from content marketing to web page user experience and the gathering and interpreting of search intelligence. Their job has gotten more complicated because of the growing number of platforms like voice assistants on which people do searches.

Why Choose iFoundries For Your Digital Marketing?

More than 500 satisfied customers

PSG Pre-approved solution vendor

Company established for more than 17 years

Established in January 2005, iFoundries is an established digital marketing agency in Singapore that has been empowering people and their businesses with bespoke digital growth strategies.

Offering an end-to-end suite of digital solutions including professional web design, iFoundries also help you build your audience with great digital content and user experience, grow your email list faster, attract and nurture your leads into sales through digital marketing and automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PSG is a government grant in Singapore that supports local SMEs who want to utilize IT solutions and equipment for their business operations. PSG covers many IT solutions for various industries such as retail, construction, food, and also solutions in business management, processes and systems, such as customer management, inventory management, financial management. Check out a list of what PSG covers here.

SMEs must meet the following criteria to be eligible for PSG:

  1. Registered and operating in Singapore
  2. Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  3. Looking for Singapore-based IT solutions

If you’re an SME registered and operating in Singapore with a minimum of 30% local shareholding and looking for IT solutions such as our eCommerce website development, you’re in luck! You’re eligible for the PSG.

For start-ups with less than 6 months of operating period, you can still apply for PSG, subject to an assessment by Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

As the PSG is a government grant, it is highly regulated by Enterprise Singapore. Our original PSG package cannot be modified. However, any additional features can be quoted by our company separately and they have to be invoiced separately from the PSG project. Kindly inform our Growth Consultant who can guide you further on this.

Yes, you can wait for the Letter of Offer to be given before paying a deposit to us. We will only start the work after the deposit has been paid.

The is no annual recurring fees if you choose not to continue your digital marketing campaign with us.

Applications are processed about 6 weeks from the submission of all required information.

Companies are strongly encouraged to submit their applications ahead of time to account for the application outcome and/or processing duration required.

Once an application has been submitted, companies may choose to proceed with the project before the application outcome. However, you will not be able to claim subsequently if the application is unsuccessful.

The following supporting documents are required for a successful PSG claim:

  1. Purchase order or signed acceptance of quotation/contract
  2. Invoice
  3. Screenshots showing the company’s name and name of e-commerce solution
  4. Licence number(s) of software with minimum one-month usage report
  5. Receipt or copy of cheque payment
  6. Bank statement showing the payment
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