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If you are looking to work in an informal, fun yet professional environment with a closely-knitted team instead of the usual corporate jungle, we might be the one for you. Share the same passion like ours and we want you to grow and succeed together with us!

We often hear from our past interns about their advancement to great job opportunities in their careers after graduation.

Internship opportunities are available in

  • Frontend or Full Stack Web Development
  • Digital UX Design
  • Digital Project Management
  • Digital Marketing

We offer great learning opportunities in iFoundries when you do your internship with us. If you are keen, please email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In your application, please also answer the following questions:

  1. What technical or general skills do you already possess (or is in midst of acquiring) that you think will help in performing tasks during your internship?
  2. What objectives do you want to achieve from this internship?
  3. What is the internship period you can commit?
  4. What is your expected salary for the internship?


Past Internship Experience

"The 1.5 months internship with iFoundries gave me a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and insights into the IT industry, which was definitely an add-on to what I have learnt from school. I was assigned to the Digital Project Management team and I had the opportunity to work with a very helpful team. My mentor and colleagues were always available when I needed guidance. I really appreciate their patience and I felt very welcomed to the team.
Some examples of what I have learnt through the internship was conducting User Acceptance Test (UAT) on different browsers using various electronic devices. I can better understand the importance of working closely with others, including clients and programmers. I also had the chance to learn how to use the backend of the website with programs such as Joomla and Wordpress."
vevilaVevila Sim   - Project Management Intern
SIM Global University of London
"Being in the role of Project Management, I could simply say that one must be adaptable to the challenges posed by the various projects. Not only that, we must be quick in making decisions so that we do not compromise the quality of work while keeping close to the project timeline. Having little prior background knowledge in IT, I am glad that the seniors are patient and detailed in teaching me on the process of Project Management and how I could perform my task.
Even if I was in the Project Management department, I was able to learn from other seniors on how they conduct their work. Ex: SEO, content writing, soliciting sales and so on."
anniAn Ni Kwek  - Project Management Intern
National University of Singapore
"3 months sure flew by in the blink of an eye when you are having fun. As a digital marketing intern, I was constantly exposed to digital marketing strategies and best practices. There were many opportunities for me to learn and experiment. I was able to visualise and conceptualize the buying journey of a prospect and even apply them in my daily life.
In hindsight, it was a heart-warming and rewarding environment. My colleagues were always happy to help and provide insightful advice to me. They made me feel at home and have given me a sense of belonging. This experience will surely be etched as one of the most memorable and enriching times of my life. I’m proud to be part of the iFoundries family."
edwinlauEdwin Lau - Digital Marketing Intern
Nanyang Business School
"During my 3 month internship in iFoundries, I was assigned with different tasks under both the project management and web design team and both have further enhanced my understanding of how a successful website is being built with all the efforts from web designers and web developers.
On top of this, the work culture in iFoundries has given me a sense of belonging as we were always helping one another while guidances and advices were always provided to me and this definitely make my internship unforgettable and meaningful for sure. I believed that this fruitful experience will definitely be useful for my studies as well as my future career."
sengsiongLok Seng Siong - Web Development Intern
Nanyang Technological University