Our Culture


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By helping one another grow and explore new things together in the company, we've built a strong peer-motivation culture.

Through regular department and company-wide "Knowledge Sharing" sessions, we help one another stay up-to-date with the latest developments in our industry and also save one another precious time from having to resolve similar problems.

We identify and share common core values

These core values were not dropped down from the sky by the bosses. The whole team went through many rounds of brainstorming and selection processes using the Vision Framework by Jim Collins.

Our Core Values

Produce Quality Work

We produce quality work benchmarking against international standards.

Establish and Maintain Positive Relationships

We want to establish and maintain a Happy and Positive relationship between colleagues and with our customers.

Be Accountable And Be Responsible

Everyone is accountable for their own actions and takes responsibility for their decisions.

Maintain Integrity

Honest, with strong moral principles.

Be Passionate About What We Do

We strongly believe that what we produce will benefit and make an impact.

Keep Improving

Always finding new and better ways of doing things, always finding opportunities to improve ourselves.