China Taiping Insurance (Singapore)

Being one of the pioneers of the insurance industry in Singapore, China Taiping Insurance needed an effective website strategy to stand out among strong competitors.


iFoundries designed and developed their website on a content management system with various online forms and downloadable resources for site visitors. A lot of design considerations was put into showcasing the large amount of content on the website and also for the placement of call-to-action elements to increase online conversions.

Incorporating Responsive Web Design, the website was designed to be viewable on multiple devices from desktop to mobile.

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Case Study

Results: 339% ROI within First 12 months!

Between 1 November 2013 to 30 October 2014, we tracked conversions through Google Analytics on the new website based solely on traffic generated from organic traffic.

One of the conversions tracked is based on the most popular online form for getting online quote on their motor insurance. Actual total sales figure were not revealed to us due to confidentiality but we know that the average sales value of a motor insurance is around $1,500.

Taking a conservative approach of assuming only 2% of the total inbound leads generated were converted into sales, the new website had potentially achieved a 339% ROI within the first 12 months.


Now, let's go into details on how iFoundries applied the ERP methodology to the new website

Problems The Old Website Was Facing:

old homepage 

Their old website was designed with chunks of text and text hyperlinks. There was no proper use of typography or different font size to differentiate each headline and sub-headlines to make reading the content an ease.

  • P1 - The small banners on the left column links to products customers can purchase or get quotes online. However, the banners did not show any introduction about the product they are representing, especially when the product names were not commonly known.
  • P2 - The rest of the company's main products were placed as plain hyperlinks on the main page. They did not display a professional image to the site visitors.
  • P3 - News Update module shows only title of the news, did not entice site visitors to want to read more.

Strategy We Implemented:

new homepage

The new website was designed to make it easy for users to find information about each product by grouping the links to the products visually. This was done on the main drop down menu and also on the menu before the site footer.

  • S1 - The banners previously seen in the old website are now put into a slider module. Each product banner image has a short introduction about the product before enticing the site visitor to find out more.
  • S2 - A better categorized menu before the footer acts as a sitemap of the website.
  • S3 - News and Promotions module now displayed with images and short description. Site visitors can click to read more.
  • S4 - Added a new Call-to-Action(CTA): "I want to" drop-down menu which acts as an assistant to first time site visitors to browse the content of the website and help them find what they are looking for immediately.
  • S5 - Added a mailing list sign-up module so that the site visitors can opt in to their email campaigns.

new homepage responsive

  • Responsive Web Design makes the website accessible via any web browsing devices be it mobile or desktop.
  • Now, site visitors can find out information about their products at ease without the need to zoom in and out of the website on smaller viewing screens.
  • This especially IMPORTANT when users do a search on their mobile devices and click onto the search result to your website. If your website is not optimized for mobile browsing, users will leave your website immediately.

Testimonial From Client

iFoundries was one of the shortlisted vendors for our recent website revamp project. Andy did a good presentation with the mock-up website designs and introduced new ideas like Responsive Web Design, Chat Assistant and SEO. The proposal from iFoundries for our new website was made to help increase conversion rates on the website and to make it optimized for multiple viewing devices.

Our management eventually chose them as the awarded vendor because the management were most satisfied with their mock-up designs and they felt more assured especially when iFoundries was previously awarded Promising SME 2012 award.

Although the timeline given is tight, iFoundries managed to create our website with a professional, modern look and adhered to our corporate design guidelines. They were helpful and gave prompt assistance whenever we encountered any technical or design issues. After the website was launched, we received positive comments from our intermediaries and customers.

Business units have received an estimated 10% increment in enquiries, quotations and deals within the first 3 months after the new website went live.