Using Consumer Psychology Concepts To Boost Conversion Optimisation

Using Consumer Psychology Concepts To Boost Conversion Optimisation

Being a great sales person or marketer calls for a good understanding of how and why people think and act the way they do.

This attribute is however, wastedly neglected today. Proper application of consumer psychology (marketing heuristicscan make or break your business.Marketers today everywhere are obsessed with customer acquisition channels and numbers, spending tremendous effort and time trying to rake up sale conversions.

They forget that one crucial key factor remains- the consumers we are reaching out to on the other end, are ultimately real people. Acquire and understand key principles of consumer psychology to effectively reach, speak and convert your prospects.

“Psychology is the magic bullet of conversion optimisation”
-Neil Patel (Washington, Analytics Expert)

Grasp the ability to build strong relationships with your prospective customers with 3 revealing marketing psychology concepts we unveil today. Use them right and you’ll see a dramatic boost in your online sales.

3 Consumer Marketing Psychology Concepts For Increasing Your Online Sales Bountifully

1. Playing The Power Of Emotions

Using the power of emotions for sales pitches is not a niStock 537811816ew concept at all. Countless of studies have shown how emotional and psychological resonates and appeals to consumers and effect their buying urges.

Know this- attractions are emotion based, not rational.

It is a pity if you haven’t been tapping on this psychological factor to boost your online marketing effectiveness.

Here are some actionable tips on how you can play the power of emotions to your business sales’ advantage:

Engage in a positive pitch

Are you intentional in the pitch you use on your website? A subtle change in your addressing tone can affect the buying action of your prospects drastically. A positive pitch tone will undoubtedly appeal more to the buying interest of online prospects much more favourably than a neutral or pushy one.

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Don a brand personality 

Why should every company have a brand personality?

A brand personality clothes a company with deep meaning, and a set of attributes, helping it to stand out with character for a lasting impression among throngs of competitors in saturated market places today.

Brands that stand out are the ones with strong, unique personalities that the public sector identifies, resonates with and commends.

Hence, planning for a brand identity and creating campaigns around promoting it commands careful consideration, strategizing then finally executing.

Social media platforms like Facebook or Youtube are now the main stages for showcasing your brand, company culture and products in a casual but great way. Most importantly, consumers are hanging out on these networks and decision makers are embracing their influence; so it’s really worth having an active presence on these networks today.

Practice ethics and authenticity 

The Millennial generation commends transparency and authenticity of advertising and marketing messages and are bigger believers or social justice than the previous one.

Consumers of Year 2017 want to align themselves with an authentic cause.

Here are a few ways local business brands can show more authenticity and build credibility:

  • Communicate with care
  • Be transparent
  • Be relevant with content, focus on depth and originality
  • Balance targeting and intrusion
  • Claim authorship in blogging

Trigger instant gratification

All thanks to the convenience of smartphones and progressive internet speed, “consumers want it and they want it now”.

There have been plentiful scientific experiments performed using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that prove the astounding results of triggering instant gratification.

Some of us would like to term this behaviour “impulse shopping”. Words like “instantly” and “immediately” naturally appeal to our quick senses.

Here are two great advertisements examples:

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2. Working Web Design With Neuro-marketing Techniques

Good design does more than please the eye. It brings results and instills customer’s confidence in a business.

Q: How do you know if your web design is competitive and concrete enough, to be earning you revenue profits with a high conversion rate in this advanced technological modern day?

A: It needs to be optimised with (what we call) the RIGHT method.

  • right methodFor the RIGHT prospects using the technique perceived customisation.
  • With the RIGHT design through persuasive strategy and mirco-committment concept.
  • By the RIGHT technology such as responsive web strategy and advanced content management system.

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3. Scarcity & Exclusivity

Scarcity triggers an emotion response because we find it hard to resist wanting things that are scarce. Scarcity floods us with emotions and generally makes clear thinking difficult.

-PersuasionWorks, 2014

Have you heard of tiStock 505797918he internet slang FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?

A sense of urgency is created when scarcity is used in a limited time period.

There is nothing new about this marketing technique.

There is a innate human emotion that sees scarcity with an increased value and desire.

The most common ways to use scarcity in online marketing are:

Limited quantities

There are only a limited number of copies of a product available or being currently released. Eg. Offering a limited number or amount of merchandise for a short time period and creating an impression that they will run out if not snagged.


Near the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid sits self-esteem. People want to feel important; like they’re part of an exclusive group.You can also play on the benefits of being part of an exclusive group that has access to the product.

Consumer behavior research has shown that people like being labeled, and they are more inclined to participate in their “group’s” message if they feel included. We enjoy being consistent so much that even being told we are a part of a group makes us more receptive to it’s message, as long as it’s something we approve of.

This is why “gold” or “platinum” status works effectively for a customer loyalty program. People who are labeled as “superior” consumers tend to spend more, and those in the “regular” class aren’t affected.

(Helpscout, Consumer Behaviour)

Click here to get a great read on how to use exclusivity to increase more online leads


There is a fast-approaching date when a product will be withdrawn or the price will be raised.

Case in example, if a prospect is really interested in a pair of shoes, there is a great chance that he or she will purchase it when they are urged that there only 2 pairs left before they run out. Or, there is an urgency to rush to purchase early bird tickets” if the concept of scarcity is introduced for fear or them running out or getting more expensive as they soon do.

How much do you know about neuro-marketing and it’s astounding influence on successful marketing?

Are you always smartly overlaying your digital marketing with consumer psychology concepts when developing your web strategy?

You should be optimising your website’s lead generation and sales conversions with them. Start with the ones we highlighted today!

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