Email Anti Spam Solution

Your company may be one of the 75% SMEs in Singapore who have fallen prey to at least one nasty virus in the past year, not to mention the influx of email spam.

imailguardian email anti-spam

Previously, we were hard victims of malicious email spams, phishings, malware and scams at iFoundries ourselves. Our overall work productivity, profitability and business constancy took a toll and visibly suffered.

We then saw the necessity to be protected from the perils of these viruses with an easy, affordable but comprehensive solution that works across all devices in the workplace.
We tried a number of solutions out there in the market, but none beat iMailGuardian because:
  • Its affordable, with a non-complex pricing
  • Simple integration, No Installation or maintenance needed on your end
  • Increased work efficiency you’ll be able to see.
  • Cost efficiency with lower bandwidth usage
  • Immunity to attacks (forever!)


Everyone in business can benefit from an efficient email anti-spam software.

Trust me, prevention is certainly better than cure. These attacks when unintentionally invited into your organisation can cause significant financial losses with lost email orders, scam emails corrupting your important files and databases.


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