The Perils Of Email Spam In Singapore, And Around The World Today

Bob, a regular Singaporean office worker attends to important, time sensitive emails daily. There have been a couple of times Bob missed a reply or two, facing angry retorts and disgruntlement from his work clients, much to the disapproval of his bosses.

Are you experiencing the same work email troubles as Bob?

In daily apprehension, Bob scans through the throngs of cluttered email spam he receives first thing in the morning, refreshing them every chance he’s got, in constant worry of missing a particularly urgent one. Bob’s greatest nemesis are bugs and spams, they can be extremely relentless. Too often, there will be new phishing, malwares, ransomware and viruses. Waiting for updates always end up too late.

Bob’s overall work productivity is affected more drastically than he or his bosses expect, causing him extra downtime over-spilling into after working hours just to get settled with emails work matters.

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Why does spam still exist in 2018?

In the past, “Spam” is a term for unsolicited bulk email messages. However in 2018, spam has sinisterly evolved into an aggressive threat due to rapidly expanding tactics, subjecting victims to harmful attacks, disruption and losses. It’s not just random electronic junk mail anymore and whether you admit or not, is putting a costly strain on your business resources.

“History shows that these email hooligans are smart enough to evade even the most advanced defenses: When text filters started weeding out wordy solicitations, spammers switched to images. When Gmail employed optical character recognition to catch those messages, the spammers just broke up their pictographs into several blurry segments and foiled Skynet again.

They take over abandoned and formerly reliable blocks of IP addresses to bypass blacklists. They use clever Javascript tricks to hide a message’s real content from patrolling algorithms.”

– Wired

How Spam Impacts Your Business

Spam now contains malware, with hackers sending cleverly disguised emails to your business. Once clicked by an employee, it infects your computer system (virus) or steals your private data (phishing). The malware can then spread across the entire computer network and beyond, including to your clients and vendors. The very fact that your employees must pause and examine every single link and attachment adds hours of lost productivity. Occasionally, spam is so convincing that only an expert would be able to visually identify it.

Employees are also more likely to miss an important email, either not seeing it arrive at the same time as a spam attack or becoming overwhelmed with the sheer number of emails.
-Afterglowprod, 2017

All Spam Is Bad Spam

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast mediums and digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Spam, or unsolicited mail, is infuriating. It abuses a service, floods your email account with illegitimate mail, steals your resources and generally wastes your time and money.


Spam mutates every second of every minute, every day. You may already have anti spam software installed in your mail server, or expensive hardware that installs updates daily into your mail server. Nowadays, this software and hardware works on “signature”, which requires updating continually. Initially it filters spam with up to 50-80% accuracy, but as time goes by, its performance will degrade exponentially as spam mutates every minute.

Everyday there are new phishing, impersonation, malwares, ransomware, viruses. Waiting for updates means it’s too late.

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Ways Having An Anti-spam Can Save Your Business

Increase Work Productivity

Be spared of hearing your employees’ frantic cries having missed an important email from you or clients after delayed discovery that “it is in the spam folder !”. With an efficient anti-spam, companies can now operate with greater productivity. Minimize network downtime due to spam threats, and preserve your employee’s productivity. With an efficient email inbox, trust us that your overtime hours will be significantly shortened.

Block Threats

The purpose of the spam filter is to prevent the spam from ever reaching you in the first place. With automatic assessment, the threat is identified and securely guarded against. At work we often click through links that seem urgently and authentically important. This immediately activates the spam malware, and the worst effects of one spam click like a bad virus, may rapidly hit our computers or lie undetected but extremely harmful for months.

Filtering Out Our Important Emails

On the busiest of days, we really do not have the luxury of time at work to manually identify and sieve out the “real mails”, sometimes they do not stand out at all. An anti-spam has complex recognition abilities to help your legit work mails avoid the trash, allowing only the real stuff to land safely in your inbox.

Comply With Data Regulations

Businesses in Singapore have more than ever strict privacy and data storage regulations to comply with. We have to meet certain criteria to reduce the risk of data breaches. An email spam filter really helps this one out.

Preserving Your Business Reputation

Data security is everything these days, tons of companies have breached this and sued for failure to protect personal, private customer data. Our business reputation is at stake along with huge financial losses if a breach happens. Anti-spam filtering has evolved in the modern day with complex algorithms to pick out a spam before it comes to risk for your business.

So, why iMailGuardian?


Why Is iMailGuardian One Step Ahead Of The Other Anti-spam Programs?

iMailGuardian is a dynamic, ever-evolving system that captures 99.99% of all spam without affecting the flow of legitimate email.

It uses a proprietary, sophisticated algorithm that ensures it keeps up with the constant, minute-by-minute evolution of spam and keeps your mail servers protected from it.

Implementing it is fast and easy, requiring no hardware, installation or ongoing maintenance from your end.

iMailGuardian is based on our proprietary holistic algorithm running on a cluster of super computers and always learning and adapting itself to stay ahead of the threats.

We are running a tight-ship, our team kept very strict rules and intelligent algorithms. On top of that, we have marvelous ‘management’, ‘statistics’ and ‘reporting’ tools that will put your mind at ease. You need emails but definitely not spam nor the disaster it may bring to your business.

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