2022 Roundup: Get equipped with takeaways from this year’s must-read articles

In recent years, people have been doing things differently from the way they did them in the past.

Marketing is a fast-paced world.

As someone in the field, you need to stay on top of things to keep up with your audience and remain relevant.

Marketers face a challenge today in reaching audiences that are increasingly turning to content created by independent influencers. TikTok influencers, Reels creators, and YouTube personalities are creating a high-quality content that rivals major brands.

At iFoundries, we’re focused on keeping up with the giant leaps and trends in AI and machine learning for marketing. We believe leveraging the right technology along with identifying the right strategies will edge a company beyond its potential.

AI and machine learning can help streamline many aspects of marketing, from content optimisation to SEO.

Below are our top 3 articles compiled with insights and takeaways to help you grow your eCommerce/ web business and reach buyers in 2023.

2022 must-read articles for the most important marketing trends

Save Costs And Get Your Business Ahead With Ecommerce Automation

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Automation is a tool you need to compete in today’s market.

That’s because it can handle even complex tasks, such as automated incident response.

Marketing automation refers to the use of software and technology for automating marketing tasks.

It helps marketers attract leads, nurture them further down the funnel, analyse lead behavior, and campaign performance.

You can automate employee discounts, manage your inventory and reordering processes, optimise refund reports saving you hundreds of hours each year.

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Increase Conversion Rate (CRO) For Your Ecommerce With Latest Strategies

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Getting a site visitor to take desired action on your eCommerce and converting them into paying customers is every business owner’s goal.

How do we then boost this with success? A conversion-rate strategy.

Conversion rate optimisation compels you to understand your customer behavior while improving the marketing strategy and decision-making. These are among the most valuable components for eCommerce to max out their return on investment (ROI). Find our what are the crucial ways to increase your eCommerce’s conversion rate for more profit.

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How To Create Better Customer Experiences With Automation (ACX)

Customer Experience Automation accelerates business growth with automated personal communications that connect across all channels and through the entire customer lifecycle.

Marketing automation and customer analytics together let you leverage data to create the most targeted and relevant customer experiences.

With ACX you are able to personalise every interaction with our customers whether you have 10 or 10 million.

Automating your emails is a start, but what about activating your entire customer experience?

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At iFoundries, we believe that the best companies of tomorrow will be driven by an overlap between talent, technology, and marketing.

Our role is to guide you to a perfect synergy between these three aspects for our clients’ business success regardless their industry.

As environmental, social, economic, and political challenges continue to test our abilities as marketers, it’s important to remain flexible.

Need help? We’re here!

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